Upholstery Cleaning

Do you know what fibers your couch is made of or how to properly clean it? These are very important questions when considering an upholstery cleaning professional in Marietta. VeriClean in Douglasville,Ga utilizes a proven technique of proper upholstery cleaning which leads to extended life of your fine furnishing. VeriClean of Douglasville Ga can identify the fiber and dictate the best upholstery cleaning solution for you depending on if the fibers are natural or synthetic. Upholstery cleaning takes a delicate touch to the fibers yet a deep and thorough cleaning to flush out the built up body oil, allergens, dust mites, pet dander,and harmful VOCs that can get trapped into your upholstery. Let VeriClean remove these harmful allergens so you and your family can be safe. At VeriClean, we will use a 100% non-toxic biodegradable products that is safe for you and your family members.

After our inspection for any areas of concern, we do a thorough vacuuming, apply a pre-conditioner to emulsify soil,stains and oil.We will agitate heavily soiled areas and finish the cleaning with a clean soft water rinse, leaving your furniture soft and smelling fresh. Our process does not over wet the fabric and is typically dry in about an hour.

Utilizing this same method, VeriClean of Douglasville Ga can also clean your mattresses! That’s right, removing all dirt, oil, pet dander, dust mites, and other allergens will lead to a better nights rest for you and your loved ones in Douglasville Ga. When you’re looking for a mattress cleaning professional in Douglasville Ga. Think VeriClean! We can also apply 3M Scotchgard after the cleaning to protect the fabric from future soil and stains and help extend the life of your furniture. VeriClean looks forward to being your preferred upholstery cleaning professional in Douglasville Ga and surrounding area.