Tile & Grout Cleaning

We encounter many different types of tile here in Douglasville. Some tiles look like wood, some are man-made and there are several beautiful natural stones. VeriClean in Douglasville is able to handle all of your tile cleaning needs. We proper identify and clean your tile to prevent damage and unsightly areas in your Douglasville home. Before considering a costly remodel in your Douglasville home, let us do a free in home demonstration to show how we can rejuvenate your tiled surfaces. You’d be surprised what we can do, many of our Douglasville and surrounding  customers are thrilled with their results!

Using tile specific cleaners, the grease and grime break up releasing the animal fats, oil and soils. VeriClean in Douglasville, pays extra attention to the areas of concern in higher traffic areas with a deep scrub. To rinse, we use our state-of-the-art truck mounted steam cleaning system using temperatures above 200 degrees removing years of build up quickly and efficiently. What is left behind is your beautiful tiled surface in your beautiful  home. VeriClean of Douglasville looks forward to being your preferred tile cleaning professional.

Once your grout lines are clean and dry, we recommend sealing them. Utilizing only the best Dupont penetrating sealers that fill in and protects the rout pores, creating a barrier of protection against future spills and soil. Having your grout lines properly sealed also makes them easier for you to deep clean yourself, in between professional cleaning of your Douglasville home.  We do tile and grout cleaning in Douglasville ga and surrounding areas. Call today for a free estimate. [gmap-embed id=”459″]