Carpet Cleaning

At VeriClean Carpet Cleaning,we use the method recommended by all carpet manufacturers, Hot Water Extraction or “Steam Cleaning.” First we start with a thorough
inspection of the areas to be carpet cleaned for any concerns or high traffic areas. We apply an emulsifier to loosen and dissolve deeply embedded soils to all areas to be cleaned in your  house, not just the areas of concern, followed by agitation in the high traffic areas. We finish with a fresh soft water rinse removing the soil and grime, leaving behind soft to the touch carpets without sticky residues that later attract dirt. High velocity air movers can be used to speed dry your Smyrna home or office. Our powerful, state-of-the-art truck mounted equipment leaves your lean carpet only slightly damp, NOT WET. At VeriClean of Douglasville our average dry time is 1-2 hours.

If you are seeking a detergent free cleaning solution in your  home due to allergies or any other reasons, Just ask! Our normal cleaning solutions aren’t harsh in any way and are bio-degradable yet we carry several products on hand that are tough on dirt yet soft enough for the most sensitive of skin and safe for all members of your family in Douglasville. We want you to know that we truly care about you and your family and the health of your floors.

For our Atlanta commercial carpet cleaning clients looking for a maintenance plan we do offer very low moisture cleaning methods that can pair in conjunction to necessary hot water steam extractions to assure the longevity of the carpets in your offices in Douglasville. The very low moisture cleaning methods do not leave carpets with any residues and dry fast. Another bonus is that we can even clean while you are working, this method is quiet. For free commercial consultation please call VeriClean of Smyrna, to schedule an evaluation and we would be more than happy to access your facility in and discuss how we can elongate the life of your floors. Our carpet cleaning company  services areas are Carpet Cleaning Douglasville GA, Carpet Cleaning Smyrna Ga and surrounding areas.